Influential Models

My intellectual models of influence are my grandmothers. One is 79 and the other is 81 and they are both filled with wisdom. They have offered me a chance to better myself through education (attending college) by the sacrifces they made to raise me. I feel obligated to myself and to them to take advantage of the opportunities that they never had such as recieving a collegiate education and further. I never would have thought that I would hear their voices as much as I do while I am here at school. Each day I wake up and I can hear my grandma Bell say “now say your prayers, you ain’t wake yourself up this morning, give credit where it is due”. I go to sleep every night to my Nene’s voicce saying, “you grown now, and you will be grown from now on, take responsibilty for what happened today and if you don’t like it, then change it tomorrow”. Though both of these quotes are very simplisitic, they mean everything to me. I have grown to remain humble and forever grateful for each moment in my life. These two women have taught me how to live abundantly without riches and to love myself in ways that only I can.


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